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How to sell your items on our site
Selling your items on this site is very easy. Below we will explain how you open an account and get started selling. You could easily have an ad up within five minutes of reading this tutorial. Please note a PayPal account is required to insert your listings.

Open an account
Opening an account is really easy. You simply tell us if you are an individual or a business and then a bit about yourself. There are no fees for creating your account. To open an account now please go here.

Log in to account
Once you have created your account you will receive an email to confirm that your account is open. At that time you are able to log in to your account and begin listing. Upon logging in, take a minute to look around the account panel.

Insert your listing
Inserting your listing could not be easier. Once you are logged in you will see two links on your toolbar for inserting listings. One is a featured listing that will show up on the home page as well as the featured area page. The other is a regular listing. Simply click the link that you would like. The listing schedule is as follows:

Private Sellers
Regular Ad $0.50
Featured Ad $1.00
Dealers (5 ad minimum)
Regular Ad $0.25
Featured Ad $0.50

Simply fill out the sellers form and below that you will be asked for your images. You are allowed up to four images. It is a good idea to have your images ready before you start. Then add the lisitng to your cart.

Your images should be approximately 300 pixels wide by 200 pixels high. The images can be larger but remember the larger your picture, the slower it appears. It could result in a loss of buyers. You may change the text for your ad as well as alter your images once the ad is placed. Please have your images ready before beginning to create your ad. Keep adding as many listings as you wish to the shopping cart. After you are done lisitng, click on the checkout button. You will then go to Paypal to pay for your listngs.

After clicking the checkout button your ads will appear on the site immediately. If you need to tweak your ad you can do so by logging in again and clicking the edit link next to the appropriate listing.


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